1-What are the available payment methods?

Credit card: VISA – MasterCard

It’s the best payment method at Queenby, and we assure our customers that the payment is done according to high-security standards, once you submit credit card details at the website it will be completely encrypted by latest encryption methods. We also assure you a shopping experiment free of any risks with high-security standards.

We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED (or any other agreed currency


It’s one of the safest payment methods, once you click on “pay now” you will be redirected to your PayPal account, also you will find all the details of purchasing from your home address, the product you would order, and credit card info. As soon as you click on “pay now”, the payment will be sent to Queenby and your request will be resumed immediately.

Cash on Delivery (Cod):

You can pay when you receive your product in cash.

Bank Transfer or Deposit:

You can pay by bank transfer or deposit in Queenby bank account.

You should observe the following:

A. You should transfer the whole price mentioned on the bill or the order.

B. Once the transfer or deposit is done, please inform us through [email protected] about order number and a copy of payment receipt.

C. The order is prepared immediately after the confirmation of the arrival of the amount to our account.

2-What is the benefit of website payment instead of cash on delivery?

When you choose any of website payment methods you don’t have to pay any additional fees, and you are exempted from paying 30 SR as cod. Another benefit is that method doesn't require confirming your phone number, therefore the order is delivered as soon as available.

3-Does it safe to pay through Queenby website? 

We promise you that payment process is done by high-security standards, and your credit card details are encrypted by latest electronic encryption techniques. All you have to do is to make sure the lock mark is presented on your browser because it indicates to security, also you should save your account password on our website to guarantee the protection of your credit card info.

4-Why my credit card is not accepted? 

To accept your credit card, you should make sure of the following:

• Make sure of inserting all your credit card details correctly, which are the name, card number, expiration date and CSV code.

• make sure that the allowed credit limit on your card is enough for purchasing process.

• make sure that the credit card is valid for online shopping and it’s not for ATM use only.

If you cheeked all the above and the card is declined, so you should call your bank to solve the problem.

5-How can I order a product from Queenby? 

login to the website, choose Arabic language if you would, add the products that you need to the shopping cart by clicking on the product itself, and then you proceed purchasing process easily.

In case there’s any problem: you can contact us on [email protected]

6-How can I register on the website? 

- Click on create a new account link

- Fill out all fields with star mark (*) accurately.

- You will receive an e-mail to confirm the registration process, open your e-mail and confirm.

Congratulations, your membership is created successfully, enjoy shopping with Queenby.

7-What if I forgot my password?

- Click on “Login”.

- Click on “Forget your password”.

- Insert your e-mail then click on continue.

- You will receive an e-mail, you can reset your account password and login through it.

8-What is the benefit of membership registration on the website?

When you register your membership, you will get a lot of advantages and benefits, you can shop and pay easily, also you will receive on your e-mail discounts, amazing promotions and coupons.

9-Do you have a shop to display and try the products before buying it?

Queenby doesn’t have any shop, as we are an online shopping website, we provide you a fast delivery service to your home, and if the product was contrary to your product’s specifications, or has any defect, then you can easily exchange it, and recover the paid amount at your Queenby account, after that, you can order again through the website.

10-Are there any additional fees for the delivery of the order?

If the purchases value exceeds 300AED – 80$ – or what equivalent to them in other currency, Queenby provides a free delivery service for its customers, whether the payment is through Cod, credit card or bank transfer.

11-Can I pay on delivery?

Yes, you can pay on delivery, but with a fee of 35AED or about 8$.

12-What is the expected delivery duration?

The product is delivered to you through our partner shipping companies, within 10 or 20 days maximum, depending on the country.

13-How can I track my order?

To check the status of your order, you can contact us either through the mail [email protected] or online chat.

To track the order, visit Aramex website www.aramex.com and insert the number of the shipment (awb) in its specified field.

14-What should I do if the product delivered to me is damaged or decadent?

In Queenby we’re concerned with packaging our products very well, but if that happen, you can contact us directly through [email protected] or online chat, and we will exchange the product, also you will get a new coupon that enables you to make a new request with same value of the request that you purchased.

15-How can I change delivery address after submitting an order?

You can contact us directly through [email protected] or online chat.

16-I don’t want the order anymore, what should I do?

You can cancel the order at any time before shipping it from our stores, but after shipping, we won’t be able to cancel it. After you cancel it, the amount will be added to your balance on Queenby so you can purchase again.

17-Does shopping through Queenby is safe?

We guarantee you a 100% safe shopping experiment, as the details of payments and credit cards are encrypted by the latest electronic encryption techniques that follow high-security standards, also we guarantee you not to disclose any of your personal info. We highly recommend that you shouldn’t send credit card details when you communicate with us without encryption.

18-What should I do if I forgot my login password?

You can easily change your password. All you have to do is the following: Click on “my account” at top of the page, then click on “forget your password?”, type your e-mail, then click on “send”. After these steps, you will receive a message on your e-mail to reset your password.

19-How can I exchange one of the products that I purchased?

1- You must submit an exchange request by contacting customer care center officers through [email protected], and they will walk you through products exchange through our partners in shipment services for free.

2- You will receive an e-mail from [email protected], with an attachment of exchange receipt and the number of your airway bill (awb).

3- Please call Aramex hotline at +966 (12) 6129198 to determine delivery time of the order, make sure that you have attached exchange receipt. If you want to take the product by yourself, go to nearest Aramex office with your delivery number of airway bill (awb) to identify your order.

4- After taking the delivery from Aramex, please inform us, in order to add paid amount to your balance on our website. You can use your balance to purchase the same product with another specification or another product you like.

5- we receive and check the product, in 7 days you will be able to exchange it with another product. Notice that you can’t recover the paid amount in cash or transfer, but the client can exchange the product by adding a balance to your account equals to the product’s price, this balance is considered a purchase voucher vailed lifelong.

20-Is it possible to exchange cosmetics?

Our policy prevents the exchange of cosmetics, it can be exchange only if it’s damaged or destroyed, and we in Queenby very concerned about packaging to protect the product from any damage, then the amount will be added to your account in Queenby as a purchase voucher vailed lifelong.

21- What is the term for the exchange of the product?

The product can be exchange within 7 days from the date of receiving, and it should be within its original cover, and non-opened.

22-Can I refund the amount I paid?

We provide to our generous customers a refunding of the amount, through adding purchase voucher to their accounts on Queenby website, this voucher can be used at any time, but the amount can’t be recovered in cash or via VISA card. Moreover, we provide an exchange of the products for free if it had any defect, as we will take care of the expenses of restored products, and then we will add the same amount of the product to your account, but we want to inform you that Cod fees (35 AED) can’t be added to the purchase voucher, as these fees are cut by the shipping company not us. If for technical error or for any other event upon processing of the payment where Queenby is at total fault, a monetary refund will be applicable through the original method of payment.

23-How long does the recovered amount takes to be transferred to my Queenby account?

After submitting a recovery request, the representative of shipping company will contact you within 2 business days to receive the products needed to be recovered, after he receives the products, we will work on adding the amount as an online balance in your account at Queenby within 48 to 72 hours.

24-Can I cancel the order ?

We provide to our generous customers order cancellation if we didn’t shipped your order out. Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment

25-What is Queenby balance?

It is a balance can be used in any future purchasing process from Queenby, so after every exchange process to any product you purchased, we add the paid amount to Queenby balance. We would pay your attention that Queenby balance covers the costs of products only, so the shipping or Cod fees will not be added as these fees are cut by the shipping company.

26-How can I check my balance in Queenby?

Log in to your account, click on “my account”, then click on “my balance

28-How can I search for products at Queenby?

type the keyword you search for at top-left of the page, and all the results related to your keyword will show up, also you can use advanced search, and sort it according to price, brand or the most popular products.

29-Does Queenby ensure that all its products are 100% original?

Queenby assure all its generous customers that its products are 100% original, as we import products from trusted distributors who are authorized to distribute these products.

30-What should I do if I received a product differs from the product I ordered?

In Queenby, a specialized department reviews the order before shipping it for you to make sure that it matches the description, but in case of delivering a different product by mistake, you can contact us directly through [email protected] or online chat, and we will exchange the product, also we will get you a purchase voucher enables you to submit a new order by the same amount of the product that you purchased.

31-What should I do if I’m not satisfied with the product?

If your product was defect or damage, you will be able to exchange it with another product within 7 days through Queenby website, but notice that the paid amount can’t be recovered in cash or transfer. However, the customer can only exchange the product through adding a balance to his Queenby account equals to the cost of the returned product, this balance is considered a purchase voucher vailed lifelong, but all of this can be done if the product is unused, and in it’s in its original cover.

32-What is “Referral Program” in Queenby?

It’s a program allows you to recommend your friends to buy through our website, then you will get a reward.

33-How can I participate in the program?

After your registration in Queenby website, go to “my account”, you will find your referral code, send the code to your friends who didn’t shop through Queenby, they will get a 10 % discount on their first order from our website, and we will add 50 AED/SR to your balance after your friend take his order.

34-What are the terms of participation in referral program?

Please be aware that the referred user to shopping must;

- Be a new customer who has never shopped at Queenby by any e-mail or phone number;

- purchase products worth at least 400 AED/SR in order to benefit from his promo code, which gives him 10% discount;

- Live in one of Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Please be aware that the referrer User will;

- Have his reward, which is 50 AED/SR balance in his/her account at Queenby after the referred user receives his/her order;

- Added balance is neither withdrawable nor transferable, it could be used for shopping at Queenby only.

Please notice that,

- Queenby has the right to accept or reject any referral in case the referrer violates any of program terms and conditions;

- Queenby has the right to disactivate referral code if it infringes our trademark terms or if it’s published on Queenby social media network.

35-What is “Affiliate program” in Queenby?

It’s a program allows you to market Queenby products, it return you’ll have a commission for any product you sell.

36-What is the percentage of commission I get from Queenby Affiliate Program?

Commission percentage differ from country to another.

• KSA and Qatar commission percentage is 12%.

• Oman and Bahrain commission percentage is 14%

• UAE and Kuwait commission percentage is 15%.

• Other countries commission percentage is 12%.

37-How the commission is paid through Queenby Affiliate Program?

The commission is paid by finance department through bank transfer within a maximum period of 30 days from the previous month, on condition that the commission exceeds 100$. If bank transfer is not available, the commission will be paid via PayPal.

38-Are there any prohibited marketing methods in Queenby Affiliate Program?

All marketing methods are allowed expect the following,

1. Marketing our trademark “Queenby” through search engines is prohibited.

2. Marketing through misleading messages is prohibited. Also, it’s not allowed to market through pop-up and pop-down advertisements in all its forms.

3. It’s not allowed to use advertisements include designs or images offend Queenby trademark.